onsdag den 6. april 2011

Lars Svenson

First time I saw Lars Svenson was in some small films shot in Berlin. Lars Svenson posed in leather. This was done both outside and within. Everything was not just posing. He both pissed and playing with his stiff cock.

I immediately became very focused and I thought that Lars is something special and he had a really cheeky expression on his face. It was obvious that he liked to show off without clothes.

It is obvious that he likes sex and that sex also like to be kinky. For example is he doing today porno movies where he fucks bareback. Lars Svenson has also chosen to be circumcised in order to have sex for a long time and because he seems a circumcised penis is beautiful.

Lars is around 30 years. Lars Svenson is still active as a porn model, and we should all thank him for it. At the same time he started producing gay pornographic films, and it is good for the future that a horny guy like Lars Svenson is in the porn industry.

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